Member of Sendai Ohu Rotary club pursues something new which is necessary, but never heard.

The Rotary club is a well-known organization for social service, but we recognize the necessity of suitable social service beyond the traditional frame on the Rotary club, as changing of the world situation.

We would like to tell you our story.

Effective ideal for Rotary spirit

We rarely have dinners or parties in our club.


Although we do not deny the importance of dinners or parties for fellowship, we rarely have dinners or parties in our club.

We want to invest our time and money on the action in our community.

We think that our investment will contribute to make a better society.

Very effective and ideal for Rotary spirit


We actively aid people who need help, that exactly tells genuine our structure and feature.

The foundation of the Rotary will help us subsidiary aid based on our project.

Since we've seen the process which changes social frames and shapes, so we are getting to have a real sense of fulfillment, it differs from our own real job.

People donated 100 million yen for the project which aids masks for the medical workers.


It's the current trend that they are interested in both the way of using money and its effect.

We send not only support but also observe the way of using money, and the impact of our project.

We believe the transparency of the service is very important.

We can say our way is very effective and ideal for Rotary spirit, so we are getting to feel achievement.

Volunteer through skill and experience on own job


Our first aid was the COVID-19 Vaccine inoculation for essential workers.

Our club president Yasuhiko Munakata had the special advantage of vaccines as a doctor.

Although most of us are non-medical workers, we joined volunteer vaccination healthcare support activities as clerical work stuff.

You know it’s just one of the contributions to regional health, and you can join us as a Rotarian, not qualified as a doctor or qualification for medical staff.

We think it’s worth that Rotarian volunteer through skill and experience on own job.

The idea is similar to the philosophy of Omi merchants in Japan.

We can say our first aid of vaccination is like the philosophy of Omi merchants.


So we treat that volunteer through skill and experience on our job as one of the SDGs.

On the other hand, we have to prepare the occurrence of natural disasters that happen in all over the world.

And we have to deliver support to those who need help as soon as possible, as the natural sense of solidarity.

We will make an effort to serve whatever, wherever, and whichever needed, through skill and experience on our own job.

Since we’ve just started, some may feel incompatibility with the club.

We would like to assure that something new will be born in your mind, and you will be able to keep the third-place in your ordinary life, through the activity as a Rotarian.

People may say that the dinner or the party at a city hotel is the only activity of Rotary club.

Others may say that Rotary is a confusing and suspicious club.

Rotarians just say that it's important to become good friends, and to keep relations with each other through the dinner or the party.

The idea is true, but not essential.

That seems to mislead Rotary as mysterious.

The Rotarian must be the people of action.

Various opportunities to participate


You can participate in our meeting directly or online.

We all understand it is very difficult to join the meeting for the woman who has kid's pick up and/or housekeeping.

We would like to offer online meetings with no restriction of time nor place to the office worker.

You can join the meeting at your home or at workplace by smartphone if you can.

We need your innovative idea.

Our club make an effort to offer members various opportunities to participate in our activities



Rotary gives us various opportunities


Rotary was founded in 1905 by Paul Harris who was an American lawyer, and the first Rotary club in Japan was established in Tokyo in 1920.

The polio vaccination project in the Philippines in 1979 had led to global eradication.

And now more than 1.2 million members have joined Rotary.


Rotary has a core philosophy of diversity, fairness, and co-being.

It let us overcome all barriers and differences.

These include age, gender, race, religion, culture, marriage, language, and values.

Rotary gives us various opportunities to serve in our communities.



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