Summary of admission


We welcome new members. We would tell you the summary of admission. So check on it if you need it.

About admission

Benefit that you join Rotary

There are 35000clubs and 1.2million members in Rotary.

You can take an approach for the regional problem with club members, and join international competitions that link to leaders who change the world, that depend on you.

That means you have vast expansion and scale in Rotary with members.

People sometimes say that they grow up as personal and professional in Rotary.

People say that it gives valuable experiences, and it enriches their souls in later life.

Benefits that you join our club.

Let me tell you some benefits that you join our club.

  • You can act on what you want to support.
  • online meeting
  • free join to a regular meeting
  • l you can make a relationship between our members through action
  • we have reduced membership fees, by reducing club operating expenses
    *The admission fee is free and the annual membership fee is 100,000 yen.

Some rules for joining us

And we must tell you some rules for joining us.

We are looking for a businessman over 20 years old who agrees with our activities. And you must pay an annual fee every six months.

That’s all.

If you are interested in our club, please refer to the following enrollment flow.



  1. Please ask our members about Rotary.
  2. You'll get the calling from the secretariat.
  3. You can join our regular meetings for trials as you like.
  4. We’ll guide your enrollment if you agree with our activity.

It is not unnatural that you should feel anxious about your first time in Rotary.

But we welcome all the members who accept us.

We say it is our distinctive features that are online meeting and non-duty to the regular meeting.

And both of them are very extraordinary arrangements in Rotary in Japan.

That does not mean merely release from the temporal restriction.

That connects members with the link, creates opportunities to share.

And that makes a positive cycle around them.

Please don't hold back in expressing yourself.


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